A Little About Me

Hello fellow classmates! I am excited to learn and grow with you all this upcoming Spring semester. The following is a little information about me just so we can get better acquainted with each other. My name is Jasmine Palmer. I am a junior here at Towson University. This is only my second semester here at Towson since I am a transfer student but I have enjoyed every minute of  my stay thus far. Prior to coming to Towson I attended College of Southern Maryland which is a community college located closer to where I live. I am a Mass Communications Major and I am minoring in Electronic Media and Film. After graduating it would be my dream job to use what I have learned in college and apply it in a job as a correspondent in the entertainment field.


Thanksgiving Holiday Brings Family Together For Good Food and Better Deals

Article and Photos By Jasmine C. Palmer

Every Thanksgiving my immediate family gathers at my house to reflect over what we are grateful for. At the top of all of our list is eachother and at this time of the year we make sure to express that gratefulness and love for one another by spending quality time together in a personal setting. During this time we laugh, eat, and prepare for a little Black Friday shopping.

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Towson University’s Fusion Dance Holds Interest Meeting for Aspiring Dancers

Photos By: Jasmine Palmer

Towson University’s Fusion Dance members gathered for an interest meeting on September 8, 2013. The meeting was held in the West Village Commons Building on campus. Anyone who was interested in joining the dance team and leaning more about them was welcomed to come out. The members offered helpful information about the background of the team, their mission, expectations, and upcoming events. For more information on the team be sure to visit their website at http://www.fusiondancetu.webs.com